21 October 2016

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Come fly with us. Anybody can do it - no experience needed.Read more...
12 March 2015

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7
23 April 2014

Up and coming Alois Marume

Alois, a part of the WallendAir team, makes it internationally see media link: http://paraglidinginfo.com/2014/04/21/cape-towns-high-flyer-alois-marume/ Read more...
27 February 2014

Swing Core 3 wins Western Cape Open

First to reach goal in 4 of the tasks, Stef Juncker flew his Swing Core 3 further and faster than a field of strong XC pilots from around the Western Cape.Read more...
25 February 2014

Students take their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head

See our Facebook page for photos of nervous students about to make their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head! Read more...

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X-Rated 6

X-Rated 6

This is the most extreme example of Woody Valley's many years of experience in competition harnesses.It has been designed to meet the demanding requirments of professional pilos in terms of comfort,flying performance,aerodynamics, and safety

For these reasons the harness has been painstakingly modified and optimized ,right down to the last detail.Its flying performance, aerodynamic shape, and responsive handling qualities in particular,have been designed to help get the very best out of modern competition gliders

In order to ensure a high level of safety, the X-Rated 6 comes with two parachute containers under the seat ,or alternatively, offers the possibility of placing one of the two in the front.Furthermore, it is equiped with a container for an "Anti-G" parachute, and the new "Mini T-lock" safety system to help prevent you form  forgetting to fasten the leg- and chest- straps.

The X-Rated 6 is full compliance with the LTF protocol.Thanks to the use of lightweight and high performance materials , as well as a high level of design, the X-Rated 6 is the most complete, lightest, and well equiped harness on the market.



  • Narrow carbon seat board- to cradle the pilot for extra comfort.
  • Adjustments for shoulder and chest accessible during flight.
  • Self-inflating rear part for improved aerodynamics
  • Harness finely adjusted to obtain the best performance from the first flight.
  • Modular balast system. - frontal ballast with discharge tube and valve (optional)-Bottom ballast with discharge tube and valve(tube and valve already positioned for balast bag)
  • Two reserve containers under the seat.Left and right
  • Frontal reserve container (optional)
  • Easily removable instrument deck
  • Three-step speed bar
  • Adjustable leg cover lenght (12 cm range)
  • Camel-bag lodging pocket
  • Two front pockets (radio and camera)
  • Two large rear pockets
  • "Anti-G" pocket with harness attachment.

X-Rated 6

Technical Data

* total weight incl.carabineers,one rescue handle,speed system,bottom ballast


Carabineer-to-seat distance (cm) 44,5 47 49,5
Carabineer-to-carabineer distance (min.max)(cm) 39,5- 50 39,5- 50 39,5-50

Carbon seat plate size (cm)

Rear width 23,5 25 26,5
Front width 21 22,5 23,7
Depth 36,8 39 41,5
Weight * 6,1 kg 6,7 kg 7,20 kg
Certification LTF certificate number (EAPR-GZ-7439-12)
Protector 12 cm Foam Airbag
Principal Materials Cordura 300,Nylon 210
Type of closing system Get-Up with Mini T-Lock system
Position of rescue system containers Double rescue system container under the seat,one frontal (optional)
Volume of intended rescue  system containers 4000-10000 ccm
Volume of intended balast Frontal 3,5 l or 7,0 l (optional) & bottom 4.5l

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