21 October 2016

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Come fly with us. Anybody can do it - no experience needed.Read more...
12 March 2015

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7
23 April 2014

Up and coming Alois Marume

Alois, a part of the WallendAir team, makes it internationally see media link: http://paraglidinginfo.com/2014/04/21/cape-towns-high-flyer-alois-marume/ Read more...
27 February 2014

Swing Core 3 wins Western Cape Open

First to reach goal in 4 of the tasks, Stef Juncker flew his Swing Core 3 further and faster than a field of strong XC pilots from around the Western Cape.Read more...
25 February 2014

Students take their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head

See our Facebook page for photos of nervous students about to make their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head! Read more...

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n July 2001, type certification was discontinued for what is termed “lightweight air sports equipment” with a maximum unladen weight of 120kg (LuftVZO § 1 para. 4 – German Air Traffic Licensing Regulations). Since that time, along with paramotor wings, lightweight, two-seater paramotor trikes have been increasing in popularity.
At the same time, paramotor trike manufacturers are often forced to go back to less powerful motors because of the strict weight specifications and the noise measurements associated with type certification. 4-stroke motors are also used here.
,POWERPLAY has responded to the special requirements of this group of customers with the TUSKER, and is offering a high-performance wing with forgiving handling at a maximum take-off weight of 316kg.


The concept of the TUSKER satisfies the requirements placed on paramotor wings for “lightweight” tandem trikes to a high level.
The profile is extremely stable at its pressure point and this, together with the wing form, ensures optimal lift distribution, so that the TUSKER efficiently converts the thrust from the motor when climbing. Unintentional pitch movements are excellently “absorbed” by the TUSKER.
The profile used is very thin to the trailing edge, allowing acceptable control pressure to be realised even with high loads.
A very neutral rising behaviour is achieved through the combination of sweep and canopy curvature, which minimises the risk of overbalancing with the trike during the inflation phase because of the glider pulling sideways.
All of the materials used and stitching were without exception designed for heavy duty use, which is evidenced by the fact that it successfully passed the load test with a max. peak of approx. 3000kg.

Flight characteristics

The TUSKER will impress you by its very balanced flight behaviour, and it gives both the pilot and the passenger a feeling of safety during flight.
During tests, problems with canopy stability were provoked but, even then, the TUSKER was not overly dynamic. This feature markedly reduces the risk of uncontrollable flight attitudes through pilot error.
The 6cm trim travel makes it possible to counterbalance stronger counter-torque as well, and/or to increase the trim speed by nearly 10 km/h.


The design of the TUSKER is based on the current POWERPLAY product range. The bottom surface has for the most part been kept white to make it easier for pilots to affix logos to it later on. If you would like an individual design, SWING offers you the option of creating your own special designs and logo gliders (for an additional charge).

Follow the link below for more information:
Special designs

Target market

Pilots who are looking for a reliable paramotor glider for tandem flights, so they are able to share the fascination of flying with other people without any stress.


* At max. all up weight with opened trimmer. Also depending on motor.  
LTF homologation 23/05 for paramotor gliders DULV
Take off weight (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment 226 - 316



Wing area projected (m²)


Wing span (m)


Projected wing span (m)


Aspect ratio


Max speed (km/h)

50 *

Trim speed (km/h)


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