21 October 2016

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Come fly with us. Anybody can do it - no experience needed.Read more...
12 March 2015

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7
23 April 2014

Up and coming Alois Marume

Alois, a part of the WallendAir team, makes it internationally see media link: http://paraglidinginfo.com/2014/04/21/cape-towns-high-flyer-alois-marume/ Read more...
27 February 2014

Swing Core 3 wins Western Cape Open

First to reach goal in 4 of the tasks, Stef Juncker flew his Swing Core 3 further and faster than a field of strong XC pilots from around the Western Cape.Read more...
25 February 2014

Students take their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head

See our Facebook page for photos of nervous students about to make their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head! Read more...

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What’s the connection between a species of bird like the Apus (swift) and a paraglider?  Well, the Apus is small to medium-sized for its type – and so too is SWING’s new glider. Our Apus glides with speed and agility, just like the common swift (Apus apus).

The Mistral’s “little brother”

As the Mistral’s “little brother”, this new glider from Swing bridges the gap to the Hybrid. The Hybrid is a foot-launched speed glider with very short lines and low aspect ratio, which allows low-level carving - in fact, which requires it even.

The flight characteristics of the Apus

In contrast to that, the flight characteristics of the Apus are much more similar to those of a conventional paraglider. The Apus is somewhat smaller which means it can be flown very dynamically, but it still has very good performance and safety. The Apus has excellent glide with a very large speed range and, despite its small surface area, it still has great climb in thermals or ridge-soaring. The EN-certified Apus has agile handling, but pilots can master this without too much adjustment.

  • The flight characteristics of the Apus depend on the clip-in weight and cater for a wide range of pilots:
  • Advanced pilots with low take-off weight.
  • XC and competition pilots who are looking for an all-purpose fun second glider
  • Pilots who take part in competitions such as the Dolomiten Man.
  • Pilots who fly in areas with strong winds, e.g. at the coast, on sand-dunes etc
  • Freestylers
  • Fly & Hike pilots

The all-purpose glider for any occasion

The Apus is the ideal second glider for enthusiastic paraglider pilots. It is a glider to have with you all the time, with a lightweight harness and lightweight reserve, making it the all-purpose glider for any occasion.
It is ideal for long-haul travel, special trips, bivvy flying, Mini-X-Alps and any other competition which needs a small, type-tested glider. It is equally well-suited for Freestylers, or even simply to have a quick fly now and then.
The Apus is for anyone who is looking for a small, agile glider, which guarantees pure flying fun. A glider which lets you enjoy the freedom of flying once again: unpack, launch, fly!

Apus 15 17 19
CEN homologation D D D
Take off weight (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment 60 - 85 60 - 100 60 - 110
Cells 52 52 52
Wing area (m²) 17 19 21
Wing area projected (m²) 14,57 16,28 18
Wing span (m) 10,01 10,58 11,12
Projected wing span (m) 7,97 8,43 8,86
Aspect ratio 5,9 5,9 5,9
Projected aspect ratio 4,25 4,25 4,25

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