21 October 2016

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Come fly with us. Anybody can do it - no experience needed.Read more...
12 March 2015

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7
23 April 2014

Up and coming Alois Marume

Alois, a part of the WallendAir team, makes it internationally see media link: http://paraglidinginfo.com/2014/04/21/cape-towns-high-flyer-alois-marume/ Read more...
27 February 2014

Swing Core 3 wins Western Cape Open

First to reach goal in 4 of the tasks, Stef Juncker flew his Swing Core 3 further and faster than a field of strong XC pilots from around the Western Cape.Read more...
25 February 2014

Students take their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head

See our Facebook page for photos of nervous students about to make their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head! Read more...

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Core 3


Technical precision and performance at the cutting edge of feasibility

The new Core 3 is based on its predecessor the Core 2, which with one and a half years had one of the longest development cycles in the company's history. This concept has been further developed with the Core 3. It stands for everything you would expect from a competition / XC glider: maximum performance, superior flight dynamics, direct and delay-free handling and a breathtakingly-purist design. Just like its predecessor, the Core 3 is designed as a pure 2-liner and available in three sizes with EN / LTF D certification.

3D-Shaping, Rigid Composite elements and other innovative detail changes lead to further improvements of  the Core 3 with regards to glide performance and top speed compared to the previous model. All this we managed to combine with a significantly better stability of the canopy. The outstanding climbing performance and fantastic handling are probably still the benchmark in this class.

Everything under control

The handling is direct and precise. Risers and brake handles: the interface between pilot and glider. The Core 3 is equipped with Multi Grip brake handles (that are adjustable to your personal needs) for precise control, a consistently direct steering feel and improved feedback. The specially designed 2-Line risers are engineered for impressive acceleration and top speed performance. The double A-line attachment supports excellent pitch behavior. For optimum control during accelerated flight the Core 3 features new handles on the B risers. The result: a new dimension in glide performance.

The most important technical highlights

  • 2-line concept with a double A-and B-level suspension
  • use of three different rigid materials in the area of the upper / lower sail and the leading edge
  • Arch construction of the B-suspension
  • 3D-shaping of the topsail
  • Miniribs to optimize profiling of the leech
  • Case design allows easy replacement of all rigid materials
  • Complete line assembly with Edelrid 8000U series for maximum dimensional stability of the line geometry
  • 3-step system for extremely high acceleration and maximum performance at all speeds
  • extra strong Delta Maillon Rapide developed in collaboration with Peguet for 2-line constructions
  • handles on the B risers for optimum control in accelerated flight

Targeted pilot group and recommended flying experience

The Core 3 is made for performance pilots with a flying experience of at least 75 to 100 flight hours per year, who want to realize highest performance at XC flying. The Core 3 is for OLC and World Cup pilots having already gained experience flying 2-line gliders and being familiar with the specifics of this class. For Pilots willing to fly the Core 3 and not having sufficient experience flying 2-line gliders, we suggest a briefing.

Core 3




LTF homologation




CEN homologation




Take off weight (kg) min./max. incl. Equipment

85-102 95-112 108-121


79 79 79

Wing area (m²)

25,37 26,39 27,62

Wing area projected (m²)

21,5 22,37 23,41

Wing span (m)

13,7 13,97 14,3

Projected wing span (m)

10,84 11,06 11,31

Aspect ratio

7,4 7,4 7,4

Projected aspect ratio

5,47 5,47 5,47

Glider weight (kg)

6,9 7,3 7,7

Min sink rate(m/s)

0,95 0,95 0,95

Trim speed(km/h)

41 41 41

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