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Record: 90 year old Lady takes to the skies

Posted on Sat, Oct 25 2014 14:11:06

ITS NEVER TOO LATE... for adventure . 

for her 90th birthday, Fransie Quass's children presented her with a unique gift: 

a Tandem Paragliding flight with the most experienced Tandem pilot in South Africa, Pete Wallenda. 

Since she witnessed  Paragliding at the Beatenberg in Switzerland a few years back she has wanted to take to the skies. The weather and flying site were carefully chosen and on 23rd October it came together. She was enthusiastically ready, with running shoes and a warm jumper.  Launch was a breeze and up and up into the skies they went. For Fransie, a long dream came to fruition. After approx. 15 min of soaring gently in the air above Hermanus her comment at landing was "this was so easy" she said it with a big smile.  Her daughters, Lanie, Fransie and Hannelie were then next in line and also thoroughly enjoyed it. 

To celebrate this very special experience, they went to fetch fresh FISH at the local Fishery ‘Whale coast' and shared a bottle of wine - WHAT A DAY!  

Pic 1 Waiting at take off all strapped in - pic 2 getting hooked in with Peter

pic 3: in the Sky

Pic 4&5: coming into landing daughters and grand children AND great grand children welcome her back

Next up are her daughters. Pic 6, Fransie Junior with Carolina