21 October 2016

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Come fly with us. Anybody can do it - no experience needed.Read more...
12 March 2015

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7
23 April 2014

Up and coming Alois Marume

Alois, a part of the WallendAir team, makes it internationally see media link: http://paraglidinginfo.com/2014/04/21/cape-towns-high-flyer-alois-marume/ Read more...
27 February 2014

Swing Core 3 wins Western Cape Open

First to reach goal in 4 of the tasks, Stef Juncker flew his Swing Core 3 further and faster than a field of strong XC pilots from around the Western Cape.Read more...
25 February 2014

Students take their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head

See our Facebook page for photos of nervous students about to make their first flights from Sir Lowry's Pass and Lion's Head! Read more...

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Tandem Paragliding Flights

Posted on Fri, Oct 21 2016 14:16:20

Anybody can do it.

Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town is fun and addictive. Join us for a tandem paragliding flight in Cape Town seeing all the great sights from the air, fly from Signal Hill landing over Sea Point and land on the famous Sea Point Promenade next to the beautiful atlantic ocean or from Lions Head and land on the field in front of The Bungalow, between Camps Bay and Clifton beaches.

Flights are weather permitting


Meet the Wallend-Air instructor team:

Peter Wallenda – Chief Instructor - TFI Tandem Pilot - flying since 1987
Dutton Dames – Instructor – Tandem Pilot – flying since 1996
Carolina Burd-Rocchinotti – Instructor – TFI Tandem Pilot – flying since 1987
Steven Burd – Assistant instructor – TFI Tandem Pilot – flying since 1989

Swing Nexux C-bridge acceleration

Posted on Mon, Jun 15 2015 09:45:40

Todays issue of our Info-letter deals with performance optimisation during accelerated flight.





Performance-oriented flying means flying fast. This is especially the case in competitions. The need to fly as fast as possible in competition has given rise to a special flying technique: Using the rearmost main lines, instead of the breaks, to stabilize the canopy while using the speed bar.

For some time now competition wings of most manufacturers have featured rear riser control possibilities on the B- or C-risers and these are now even becoming common on lower EN/LTF category wings. These globes, loops or grips assist the pilot in using the rear risers to stabilise the wing by manipulating the angle of attack while on speed bar in turbulence. This way, the pilot is given the possibility to prevent threatening disturbances (front collapses) without having to release the speed bar. Further, steering input via the breaks is not recommended while on speed bar, as application of breaks while in this condition can destabilise the profile (concave profile).





With the new EN-C wing NEXUS, SWING has further optimised the concept of rear riser control by the design of a connecting bridge between the tops of the split C-risers. This C-Bridge enables short, impulsive inputs to both C-risers to stabilise the wing and for correcting the direction without loss of performance. Furthermore, as designer Michael Nesler points out, the C-bridge also enables enhancement of gliding performance in accelerated flight. SWING has made lots of tests that conclude, slightly pulling down the outer C-riser, when on speed bar, improves glide ratio by up to 0.5.

The C-Bridge also prevents twisted C-risers during ground handling and the launch phase, another positive side-effect.





What can be done flying a Nexus has already been impressively shown by the SWING Team-Pilots. Not least by Erwin Auer with his 226km flight from Hesselberg to the Black Forest or Didi Siglbauers 263.5 km FAI-triangle from Grente takeoff. You can re-live this flight in 3D here.




WELL DONE - Torsten Hahne on Swing SENSIS - 239.57km

Posted on Wed, May 20 2015 11:27:05


Didi wins Hikeandfly-xc comp on Mistral 7

Posted on Thu, Mar 12 2015 08:55:02


HIke-and-fly 2014 Gradient
Gradient boss Ondrej Dupal awards Didi Siglbauer his prize of a new Gradient glider, for first place in the Hikeandfly-XC competition 2014. Photo: Michel Ferrer

German pilot Dietmar (Didi) Siglbauer won first prize of a brand new Gradient wing in the Hikeandfly-XC competition 2014. He was awarded his prize at the Stubai Cup on 8 March 2015.

The Hikeandfly-XC competition runs over a calendar year, and is scored by Leonardo using the same scoring rules. Each pilot’s top six flights count – four of Didi’s flights were over 200km.

His longest flight was a 12-hour, 222km triangle from Hochfelln in Germany, taking in the scenery of Mayrhofen (AT) before heading home via an easterly turnpoint at Goldegg (DE).

The Swing team pilot flew an EN B Mistral 7, and also topped the German cross-country league table for 2014. Congratulations Didi!

- See more at: http://www.xcmag.com/2015/03/didi-siglbauer-wins-gradient-wing-in-hikeandfly-xc-comp/#sthash.6K0yuiJI.dpuf

Record: 90 year old Lady takes to the skies

Posted on Sat, Oct 25 2014 14:11:06

ITS NEVER TOO LATE... for adventure . 

for her 90th birthday, Fransie Quass's children presented her with a unique gift: 

a Tandem Paragliding flight with the most experienced Tandem pilot in South Africa, Pete Wallenda. 

Since she witnessed  Paragliding at the Beatenberg in Switzerland a few years back she has wanted to take to the skies. The weather and flying site were carefully chosen and on 23rd October it came together. She was enthusiastically ready, with running shoes and a warm jumper.  Launch was a breeze and up and up into the skies they went. For Fransie, a long dream came to fruition. After approx. 15 min of soaring gently in the air above Hermanus her comment at landing was "this was so easy" she said it with a big smile.  Her daughters, Lanie, Fransie and Hannelie were then next in line and also thoroughly enjoyed it. 

To celebrate this very special experience, they went to fetch fresh FISH at the local Fishery ‘Whale coast' and shared a bottle of wine - WHAT A DAY!  

Pic 1 Waiting at take off all strapped in - pic 2 getting hooked in with Peter

pic 3: in the Sky

Pic 4&5: coming into landing daughters and grand children AND great grand children welcome her back

Next up are her daughters. Pic 6, Fransie Junior with Carolina


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