introductory course

This two-day course in Wilderness was designed as an introduction to paragliding and it will give you a taste of what the sport is all about along with some basic theory. We use the first weekend of the basic licence course for the introduction courses. At the end of the introductory course, you can choose to continue immediately with the rest of the 9-day basic licence course and all your flights and introductory course fees will then be credited towards your basic license course. On the course you will learn the following:


ZAR 4 500

(incl. VAT)



(Saturday and Sunday)


Get to know the equipment, features and controls, in both a theoretical and practical way. Learn to unpack and repack your equipment and about the maintenance thereof.


Understand the necessity for safety checks before and after a flight and how to conduct them.


Control the glider overhead in different wind conditions while completing tasks. Learn the importance of underrunning the glider and progressively convert to bigger wings suitable for your first flight.


Practice forward launches and reverse pull-ups with and without the front risers, using body weight to steer the glider while getting a feeling for the wing.


Assess wind direction, wind strength and topography and the layout of the glider relative to the wind and topography of the area.


Progress to doing ground skimming flights off the dunes in Wilderness.

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